Your Self-Confidence Empowerment!

This is a personal development program to build self-confidence by coaching you through 6 fundamental steps of lifelong confidence and self-mastery.

A powerful combination: personalized coaching & self-paced learning and exercises.
You leverage the benefits of a personal coach while having the flexibility to progress and practice by yourself.

Choose your pace of work! Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly.
You can complete the program between 6 weeks and 6 months.

We adapt the Empowerment to your own goals and challenges!It is for you if you want to:

Switch to a meaningful career

Build Leadership influence

Master public speaking

Master your mind and habits

Love your body and Self

Trust yourself without judgement

How it works

After years of coaching and researches, I have condensed together the 6 fundamental pillars humans need to comprehend and embody self-confidence for their entire life, both personally and professionally.

This step-by-step framework is organized around a canny blend of:

  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Knowledge material
  • Exercises on your own

You work on one stage at a time. For each pillar, you first receive the learning material giving you a deep understanding of the fundamental covered, as well as discovery exercise to practice. Then, we proceed to the coaching session to assess what you learnt and identify practical applications towards your own objective.

All you get in this package:

  • 1 Introduction material
  • 1 Discovery Questionnaire
  • 1 Notebook
  • 6 Learning materials
  • 6 Coaching sessions
  • 1 Conclusion material

Empower yourself for the rest of your life!

Offer yourself a unique and powerful coaching programand master the keys to a life-long confidence

Starting from $2,990

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    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    Asking HOW is a very good question! Building new skills requires learning and practice. This is what I give you through this empowerment.

    You start with materials that provide you with a deep understanding of the fundamental covered. You then experiment your new learning through small exercises before we go deeper together. During the live session, you will be coached and mentored to align your new skill with your goals.

    At the end of the program you will have personal techniques to live and embody self-confidence. You will know how to use and hack your own mind resourcefully to meet your objectives.

    This program is called an Empowerment as it genuinely empowers you with adapted tricks and techniques that you can use forever.

    You will discover how to apply and expand the fundamentals we cover so that they serve you in any life aspect and for your entire life.

    Additionally, the deep awareness you raise on yourself gives you precious cues on the mind powers you can tap on and mind blockers we should quiet.

    Exercises you will find in the learning materials and in the coaching sessions are application activities to develop the fundamental skill you are working on.

    To develop new abilities, our brain needs to practice so it fires and grows the necessary neurons. Thus, you do several exercises per stage to expand this skill and increasingly build confidence.

    They are simple and accessible, there is no pre-requirement and anyone can do them!

    The most suitable pace of work is the one that fits with your schedule and time. To become self-confident, you first need to be comfortable with the pace you chose. It should be realistic and achievable.

    So, consider your way of life, your work schedule, home duties … How frequently can you dedicate 2 hours per week for your personal growth?