Do you take care of yourself before taking care of others?
Most people would answer “no” to this question if they were true to themselves.

We all tend to squander energy around, for people, jobs, life duties, etc.
And we forget what’s the most important: regenerating our self.

Our energy, willpower, motivation and self-mastery all work like muscles. We can tap into them, until they are empty and need to rest.

What’s happening

If you find yourself less motivated, less inclined to follow your habits or running out of energy, it certainly means that you need a break and regenerate both your mind and body.

Pushing your machine over and over will not bring satisfying results. You will likely pass your boundaries and be exhausted physically and mentally.

Instead! Be cautious and learn to listen to the signs from your mind and body, to take action as soon as you can. Then you can dedicate energy to look after yourself.

You will gain tremendous time being proactive and preventive.
The amount of energy you spread every day on things that matter and also don’t matter (let’s be honest!) is enormous.
Over a day, how much energy is used outward vs. inward? (in percentage)

Often, we realize that we spend less than 5 or 10% of our daily activities purely for ourselves. Then, is not it time to rebalance the whole thing and give yourself more time to regenerate your body and mind?

How to do

Putting this into action is very simple: have breaks.
Have breaks that you appreciate and that are beneficial to yourself. The list is endless, though you need to be careful with some activities that may seem relaxing but actually create more stress inside.

Pick what you like and enjoy to do; while you consider what’s good for your body and mind.
For instance, I would not encourage you to spend hours in front of the TV just for the sake of “relaxing”. This is a fake relaxation that draws your physical energy down and distracts your mind. If you really enjoy watching TV, then have it moderately and add walks or calm activities to your list.

The most re-energizing activities are calm and restful for your mind, light body exercises, while pleasing and delightful to you. Anything that keeps you away from screens and ideally brings you closer to nature.

You may pick from: walking outside, light sport, handicrafts, reading, time with friends or family, painting, drawing, swimming, breathing in nature, meditation, bathing, looking after your body, a massage, body-care consultation, creating something, learning a new skill, …


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