Did you know that leveraging physiology can help to be more confident?
Incredible but true.

The way your body is in a given space, the way you stand, pose as well as your facial expressions play a key role in unlocking self-confidence.
Let’s take a deeper look at physiology and find key tricks to boost your strengths right now.


Why physiology plays such a key role

First, let’s consider the “why” your body posture is so important. Our body is the physical envelope of our mind and spirit. An extension of our personality and soul.

Inside, all our organs and cells are connected together and work in harmony (or not). This connectedness goes all the way up to the brain. You know that your 5 senses are sending neuronal messages to your brain that you interpret to create your own experience of the given moment.

For instance, our extreme parts (hands, feet, head) have a tremendous number of nerve endings. They are needed to send critical information straight to the brain in certain circumstances so that our body reacts accordingly.

The feet example

Thousands years ago, these nerve endings were crucial to send immediate information of to the brain and respond to life-threatening situations. When men were hunting and facing danger (a ferocious lion for instance), automatic reactions were (and are still) fight or flight.

Either you start running fast or fight against the lion, the thumping of your feet on the ground sends messages of utmost importance to your nervous system. These messages are: speed the heartbeat, activate blood flow in the body, shift priority on running rather than any other activity (digestion, thoughts …).

This way, your brain optimises your body functions straight away for survival purpose.

Take this to the next level

Okay we no longer find ourselves in such situations, although this physiology still connects to the brain in this way.

That means that you can learn how to use your postures and movements to send desired messages to your brain.
Hence, you can choose to set your body to be more confident. By sending self-confidence triggers so your mind and entire body reflect a deep sense of assurance!

How physiology enables confidence

Now let’s look at how you can use it in this purpose.

I came across the work and researches done by Amy Cuddy and Wendy Palmer, which gives a thorough understanding of how physiology shapes who we are.

What to change

Basically, constricted and imbalanced postures create constriction and imbalances inside your body and mind. When you sit with legs crossed, leaning forward and constricted, the same happens inside: your lungs are compressed, blood flow disrupted, your mind is shutdown and so on.

These consequences are surely not fostering self-confidence!

However, if you pay more attention to the way you sit and stand, you can open up your body, let the air and blood flow within. Same will happen in the brain. You will improve your thinking capacity with more lateral thoughts rather than being limited to your usual neurconnections.

It goes even further

Your facial expressions play the same role. Our brain also relates to the face physiology. If your face is relaxed, eyes open, jaws unclenched the brain interprets this as a favorable sign to be at peace.

In her experiences, Amy Cuddy demonstrated that the simple fact of smiling or laughing sets the body straight away in a positive state.

For years (and even for generations and generations), smile and laugh have been received as positive signs in your brain. When you use this physiology consciously, you fire the same neurons and restore a resourceful state.


Off you go!

In this article, I wanted to give you a glimpse on the role of physiology in the messages you send to your brain.

Now, raise awareness on your own postures, the way you sit, stand. Watch your facial expressions too.
Then analyze how you and people embody assurance in general, from your past experiences or from inspirational people.
And get into practicing new positions, facial expressions every day, as often as you can to build new habits.
Progressively you will maximise your body to be more confident.


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Header photo: “Leadership Embodiment” from Wendy Palmer