I would like to share with you something I have just realized recently regarding the way we see our Future Self.

In a previous article, “Make your actions consistent with your Future Self” I explained how important it is to clarify the Self we wish to see in the future.

It has been a few months that when picturing me in the future, I only see myself. I just represent my body in no particular situation. Although, what I see is not the most important but what I feel is what tells me how this future will be: with joy, serenity, and a transcending energy.

As I was meditating on my Future Self recently, it stroke me hard and I could relate this to the so powerful “BE-DO-HAVE” model from Zig Ziglar.



Zig Ziglar introduced the so-called BE-DO-HAVE model to give us a simple and winning approach for life goals.

Most of us see our life through a HAVE-DO-BE perspective: we first focus on what we intend to HAVE, that will condition what we DO, to eventually access an ultimate BE. This is called the “victim approach”, where we base our Self and future experience on possessions and conditions supposed to lead us where we expect.
(e.g. I want to have money, so I can travel, so I can be happy)

Another approach is the “worker” who starts with DO, constantly hustling and taking actions, to move towards a HAVE, and again eventually BE the person he wants to.


None of the above are productive approaches; they are likely to keep us searching this person we wish to be insatiably, without satisfying from possessions and actions.

In a nutshell, the BE-DO-HAVE principle presents us a guiding reflection to look at the future through what is of utmost importance to us: the BE we wish to become.
We first identify the BE, to then determine what we will DO and hence what we will HAVE.

My realization

Interestingly, I realized that I now truly understand and experience what this BE means.

Like we all do, I used to perceive and feel my future by imagining a house, a job, seeing possessions, … I could mainly see what it will be, through situations and possessions.

Now, I no longer imagine what it could look like, through images of a context or situation. Nonetheless I feel the experience it will be. I can feel I will be joyful. I can feel I will be peaceful.

This is how I want to see the future: through feelings I will experience, wherever I am, whatever I do. With the certainty that I will make choices and take actions to be consistent with the desire of being serene with myself, joyful, happy …

In practice

To progressively come closer to this BE, I would recommend to start clarifying your Future Self by defining: goals and personal values you want to live.

Prioritize these goals and values to recognize the ones that are truly essential to you.

Hence, through meditation, visualization exercises or simply when you think of your future, ask yourself: what does it mean to me? What will I experience? How does it feel?

Connect with your emotions and feelings to recognize the sensations associated.


I hope this leaves you with thoughts and ideas to work through your “BE” and connect closer to the experience you seek to live.

Thank you for reading,

With a lot of warmth and energy,

Alice Avril, Self-Mastery Coach
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