Here is an important message I wanted to share as I got reminded how important it is to engage responsibility for personal success.

We are always proud to claim when we did something right and succeeded. On the other hand, it is never easy to engage self-responsibility when things turn bad.
A very few people are able to confess:

OK I screwed up, it is MY fault.

I had realized this in my early years, at school, when I asked my friends not to tell a secret and I would hear it from someone else. They were never able to admit that they broke their engagement. I had decided to be more honest with myself and to accept confronting myself as best as I could with what was on my responsibility (personally and professionally).


Blaming external factors and finding excuses

Since, I have paid a careful attention to when and where we tend to blame external factors for our personal actions. Or when we give ourselves excuses to act or not act on something.

The examples are innumerable … To only cite a few:

  • When we take as an excuse that we have a bad memory, so it is normal not to remember names
  • When we see an external “sign” (such as weather change, a word from someone, etc.) showing us we should not do what we planned
  • Or when we indulge ourselves to have a strong astrology sign, so it was logical we lost our temper in a conflicting situation

Unfortunately, repeating the above do not help move in the direction we would like. They do not invite to act on ourselves and change for the good.

I acknowledge that some changes are quite hard and require time, though they are not impossible! We simply like to put the blame on something or somebody else, because it is human nature and it is easier. But that’s not helping!
To become the one you desire, you need to engage personal responsibility for success, in thoughts and speech!

1. Introspect and raise awareness

Next time you catch yourself thinking or saying such sentence, take a moment to analyze that.  Are you true with yourself? Are you responsible towards what you do?

Introspect and raise awareness on these painful blind spots. What are the things you do and the ones you choose not to do? Regardless of external elements.

2. Responsibility

Then, engage your responsibility. Accept and admit what you have done, or not done. That’s fine, we all make mistakes, screw, made a wrong choice … The more you feel responsible in your life, the more confident and self-fulfilled you will be.

3. Reframe

Eventually, reframe your thoughts to shift responsibility on yourself. The reframing exercise is a very interesting one, that merely takes 2 minutes and will be a life-changer.

Instead of “I have a bad memory, it is normal I don’t recall names” you can reframe by “I do not work on improving my memory of names”.

As a quick one, here is one I personally changed:
Instead of “I did not have time to reply to you” I would say “I did not take time to reply earlier”.


Practice it straight away!

The responsibility subject is an endless topic I love to discuss about. This was a quick glimpse I wanted to share today on how to engage personal responsibility in speech and thoughts. I sincerely wish this is helpful to you even if it might be a bit painful.
Try the above exercise straight away! Practice it today and see the change coming through!

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Thank you,

Alice Avril, Self-Mastery Coach
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