Chunk down for success! Here is a true advice to get you achieving your goals.
You may have already heard this, and the reason is that it just works the best.

We generally feel overwhelmed by all the actions, dreams, goals, must-do that our mind carries. Some may be simple quick tasks, some can be life goals, long-term dreams.

Do you know you do not have to wait until they magically happen? Because it may keep you waiting for a long long time. You can start right now moving forward these objectives by chunking them down into smaller pieces you can achieve one at a time.

Reasons why I am sharing this with you:

I decided to write this article a couple of weeks ago: a task was sitting on my to-do list for a while and I was quite annoyed to see it every morning but still could not find the courage to work on. My task was to create a new material for a future release. After 2 weeks, I realized I was not moving a single step so I chunked it down in 5 pieces that I wrote on my notebook:

  • Write the high-level content
  • Draft design and pages
  • Write the detailed content
  • Review
  • InDesign it

Following this, I committed myself to complete the first piece the next day. And I did it! The next day I did the next piece. In 2 days I had almost achieved 50% of my overall task.

Simple but so successful!

1. Capture your goal or complex task

In your dreambook, your to-do list, or any other mean you use to track your plans, identify these objectives or tasks you wish to achieve. Write them down to make them live and reinforce your sense of responsibility for them.

If it is a long-term dream, I would even recommend you to write it big on a paper or board that you stick in your room. This way it will permeate your mind as well as reinforce your will.

2. Chunk it down in smaller bits

Next step is to break this top goal in small chunks, which are easier to reach. For long-term goals you could also break it down in phases, in which you identify smaller goals.

The purpose is to make actions less overwhelming so you maintain the confidence you can do it. As well, it gives you a better sense of achievement along the way as you complete some steps.

To create appropriate chunks, you can use techniques such as SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely.

3. Timeframe or schedule your actions

As per the SMART technique, for better results: schedule your actions. You don’t need to be too hasty and schedule every step for the following week. Simply give it a realistic schedule. Having a timeframe allocated to projects and tasks is a way to maintain your mind responsible and on track. You maximise your chances of doing it when scheduled for a certain day or within a certain deadline.

4. Find the one step you can do tomorrow

Then, the master question: ask yourself what is the tiny step you can make tomorrow?

If you are tired of not taking actions for what you desire, just start by moving a baby step forward the next day. Hold strong your commitment and simply achieve this one tomorrow, you will be galvanized of having moved in the desired direction. The more you progress, the easier it becomes as your mind is conscious of your power in achieving what you want!

My suggestion is to plan this first step tomorrow, instead of today, because this way you are already telling your mind: tomorrow is a new day where I begin my journey towards this particular objective. It marks a breaking line between who you are today and who will be and do tomorrow.


Are you now ready to chunk down for success and take action tomorrow?

Follow these advice and you will be proud of igniting your move right now. You will also be satisfied of results showing up so quickly, that you will certainly unlock your motivation to achieve many other purposes!

Commitment and discipline are powerful skills for success. Commit to achieve your goals, step by step as you chunked them down. Discipline yourself to follow your schedule and make a first one tomorrow.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at so we can discuss that.

Thank you,

Alice Avril, Self-Mastery Coach
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