Is this familiar with you: “I HAVE to go to the gym?” or “I MUST go running!”
For some of us, there is an internal fight against sport. We cannot be bothered but still, we force ourselves very hard. Let me give you 4 reasons why you should enjoy your sport to maximize your results!

I used to be the same: I hated sport, I did not exercise at all for years. In my eyes, doing sport required efforts I was not ready to make. Eventually, I kind of forced me as I realized that all the diets I had tried did not lead to convincing results.

Took me so much energy to “force” myself. My practice was not consistent, it was mainly depending on my daily state. When I was joyful and energized, I would do it. However, when I was just a bit tired or in a bad mood: no way I was better off watching TV.


Surprisingly, when I tried weight-lifting and body-building, everything changed. First, I was in a true desire of building muscles: I wanted the outcomes of such a sport practice. Second, I loved it!

All together, my life radically changed. I felt in love with sport … (So much that close friends or relatives could not believe it). Quickly, I noticed I no longer needed to “force” myself. As well, I saw that I lost weight where before even when forcing me, I did not.


Thus, I wanted to share with you how much exercising in pleasure and in balance will maximize your sport results!
Here are my findings that demonstrate why you need to find a sport you enjoy:

1. Stress, the enemy of life-balance and weight-loss

We tend to forget how significant is the role of stress against weight-loss. Stress is a real enemy of your long-term balance as it destabilizes your body functioning. Studies are increasingly proving that stress is the main responsible of many diseases, body issues, mental illnesses, etc.

When forcing yourself to do something you do not enjoy at all, you generate stress. Going to the gym reluctantly everyday will not give you as great results as someone who goes because he loves it! In spite of training the same, your stress level will set your body in a different mode and will slow your progress.

2. Improved range of action

Often, when forcing us to an activity we struggle to invest 100% energy. We already gave so much energy to get us moving, going there against our will that as a result: we are not fully committed.

Problem is we practice without being fully attentive, generally hoping that the time goes by as fast as possible. In these cases: we do not give our best, we limit our range of action. We are not giving this 100% commitment that makes the difference!

When you are purely focused on what you do and not distracted, you go the extra mile. You give your maximum and this brings better results!

3. Reduced risk of injury

Additionally to the above, the fact of not being fully attentive to what we do increases the risk of injury. We are not doing the right movements, finding easier tricks to act as if we were doing it right.

I did this for a while, was truly doing nuts when following fitness sessions on Youtube. I wanted the time to go fast and was repeating me that I was tired. So, I was not warming up, doing bad movements, not paying attention to advice. As a result: I had back pains, muscle tensions, joints pains, etc. This is not the whole point!

Find a sport you like and do it right to reach your objectives while taking care of your body!

4. Focus on the outcome instead of the “effort”

Have you noticed that when you push yourself to do something you don’t want to do, you focus on the negative aspects of it? Focus is on the time it takes, how much effort it costs, what you can not do instead …

Here the problem is we emphasizes the negative sides of our action because they have greater importance than the positive aspects. When you go for an activity you enjoy, something you like doing, your mind is turned on the pleasure you have, the satisfaction, the feelings in your body. Hence you generate a positive motivation with no effort at all!



Thus, I advise you to look for an activity that you appreciate doing. You will strongly maximize your sport results with something you like. Doing a sport you hate for the sake of exercising will not deliver the results you expect.

If you like running, do it! Do not commit yourself to swimming if you prefer to be outside running.
Cannot stand fitness sessions in group? Look for individual activities you may like!

Feel free to be in touch if you are looking for advice regarding sport!,

Alice Avril, Self-Mastery Coach
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