Are there days where you feel de-motivated? You doubt whether it is worth the effort?

We all face ups and downs in journeys to reach goals, you are not the only one. We have drops in motivation, bad days, loss of confidence … As a result, we wonder whether the challenge is worth it, we drift from the goal or we even give up!

It is time to stop this negative loop and find techniques to make you believe in your power and help you remain motivated until you achieve what you committed to.


Below, I share with you 5 ways to build high motivation and maintain it through the times!

1. Create a mental image of you reaching out your goal

First, my advice is to create a mental image of your goal and of you reaching it out. That means you need to see exactly what you are trying to reach and see what this will bring you eventually.

You will never be able to hit a target you cannot see” – Robin Sharma

It is crucial that you know what you are heading towards, otherwise it will not work. If your objective is not clear enough, not profound enough you are likely to loose your motivation down the track.

Hence, take a moment, a few days or as much time you need to become truly aware of what you want and what will this mean to the person you are. Start by looking for the satisfaction you wish to attain and then draw your goal with consistency.

For example: am I looking at feeling more comfortable with my body? So my goal could be to loose 2 Kgs. Hence, I imagine myself with 2 kgs less, fitting perfectly in my red-dress I no longer wear and I see myself walking and smiling in the streets so much I feel confident in my body.

2. Inspire yourself with your objectives every day

Once you have your image and vision set up, you should make it as visible as possible every single day.

To remain motivated, remember your mind why you are doing things everyday. Show yourself the direction in which you are moving forward. This is the reason why you will need artefacts to constantly inspire you and keep your objective vivid.

There are different ways you can do this: creating a vision board that you stick on your wall with a photo or a draw of your end goal; writing down your target in a notebook you open everyday; uploading a picture to your phone home screen; etc.

3. Be responsible for your actions

This point is of utter importance and makes the difference between people reaching the end or not. As you commit to your objective, commit yourself to be responsible for the outcome, whatever it is.

In this journey, you need to be conscious that you are the one person driving it. Life may not open you a shiny road, it never does for any of us. Be prepared for challenges and be aware that you are the only one responsible for the outcomes.

We all tend to blame external factors or unexpected issues to be the causes of our failures. Unfortunately, putting responsibility on external elements will drop your motivation and is likely to draw you away from what you desire. This attitude sends your mind the message that you cannot control what happens so you cannot achieve what you want.

By being responsible, you convince yourself that you have the power and control!

4. Visualize your progress

As you move on towards the target, track your progress. Maintaining motivation is all about praising ourselves for the steps we already achieved.

For this purpose, create techniques enabling you to visualize the actions, the days, the changes, anything that has been done according to your objective. As well, this is something you should make as visible as possible too.

Here are examples you can use: crossing days on a calendar, ticking actions from a list on your wall, counting your results on a board or chart, etc.

5. Accept the down-moments without blaming yourself

These bad times are part of the challenge. We are all confronted to down-times, with no exception.

It is okay not to be 100% motivated sometimes, you just need to kindly accept these moments. You know they will happen. When they come, remind yourself that they are just bumps in the road, they will not last.

People reaching out their goals are the ones who remain consistent and persistent what ever happens. They know there are bright and dark days, but what makes a success is ability to keep doing the work anyway.

Next time you face such a down-moment, take a time to step back and breathe. Tell your mind you knew it would happen, you can make it through and tomorrow is another day.


To sum up, with these 5 powerful ways to build a high motivation and maintain it till success.

Knowing what you are heading to is necessary to ensure you are on the right path to it and making it visible will reinforce this desire and understanding of why you want it. Additionally, buying in full responsibility for what you are doing or not doing and being conscious of your progress are key elements to keep you on track. Last but not least, be aware that bumps in the road are not the end of the world and take them as opportunities to double up your motivation the following day.


Start putting them in action from now and you will be amazed by the difference they make.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I send you lots of support in your journey.

Alice Avril, Self-Mastery Coach
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