Do you wish that people compliment you on how young and fresh you look every day? Or to have an astonishing energy throughout the week? Maybe you want to be amongst these parents able to play footy with their child without feeling tired?

These are possible and are the result of a good body care throughout the years. We spend our entire life in our body: it is the machine letting you move through the ages. We have only one and it truly needs attention if we want to use it at its best capacities.

The food you are eating every day is like the fuel you are filling your car with: the better it is, the better it works.

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But what is quality food? How do I get quality? What I consider as quality are fresh and untransformed products. Food that is non-industrialized, which did not require 40-steps and half a dozen additives or chemicals. Thus, you can be vegetarian, ketogenic, meat-lover … Your diet is up to you, but quality will make an utter difference. The reason is that quality will bring you all the micro and macro-nutrients you need to maintain your body at its best whereas transformed food has lost all these essential properties.

When I was stuck in my eating disorders and binge eating, I felt like crap. I was always exhausted, my entire body was in tension, joints cracking, empty of energy, could not remember things, etc. I have personally experienced a stunning difference since I changed my diet and gave up industrial food. I swapped the ready-made meals for fresh veggies and fruits. Replaced the super-transformed cookies for nuts, dried fruits or home-made biscuits. Opted for local meat from the butcher or market. Got myself into making home-made pizza and bread from scratch and many more changes.

Henceforth, I startle friends and myself with the energy I keep all day long while hustling around!

Find below 6 reasons why paying attention to the quality of your food is of utter importance:

1. Increased energy

As stated above, filling your body with top macro and micro-nutrients optimizes your daily functioning. Your organs operate at their best, your muscles are replenished, you feel less tired. Hence you are more active, which also helps your body maintaining its energy!

2. Optimized brain activity

Likewise, your brain requires good sources of carbs, fat and proteins to run properly. The better you eat, the less chances you have to experience stress, anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, depression, etc.

3. Rejuvenated overall body

Additionally to increasing your brain activity and daily energy, it will also benefit your entire body! Firm skin, strengthened hair, stronger nails, healthy bones and muscles, rejuvenated face … There will be heaps of visible results!

4. Better weight management

By providing you vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your machine needs daily, quality foods regulate your glycemia, hormones and metabolism. This balanced synergy is essential to not slip into a fat-storage mode (when your body is creating fat cells) or sporadic binges.

5. Improved sense of satiety

Fifth, the better you bring your body nourishing foods, the better you will feel satiety after eating. Industrial products highly perturbate our system (with chemicals, sweeteners, empty calories) that results in non-feeling of satiety and keep us eating more than we should.

6. Long-term investment

Buying local or quality products are generally expensive compared to low-cost options. Do not stop you on the price you see now, you will actually invest in a long-term solution. With all the above benefits you will reduce your chances of future disease, needs for medicines, drugs, body creams etc. which translate in high expenses on the long run.

7. Taste of real

Last but not least, by returning to raw, fresh, non-transformed products you will taste the real! Our gustative sense is disturbed by the over-present additives and artificial flavours. Some children do not like fresh strawberries because they prefer the artificial taste they are used to in yogurts! Go back to the real, natural and flavourful products.

You now have 7 key reasons to privilege quality of your food right now! Do not wait to gift your body with a top quality fuel that will demonstrate positive results straight away.

Feel free to ask for help to implement long-term changes in your diet.

Alice Avril, Self-Mastery Coach
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