Why should you embrace challenges of life and be in search for more challenges?

Through life, we are all confronted to unexpected situations, big decisions to make, uncertain choices … The most common response to these is: Fear. Fear of failing, fear of making the wrong decision. We are self-limiting ourselves in many aspects of our lives.

A few years ago I was calling myself a challenge-seeker and I believed it. That was actually half true … Okay, I was able to travel, settle in a new city, start a new life from scratch with confidence. However, I was panicked when unexpected events impacted my personal plans. Also, I was not able to pursue my dreams due to my fear of failing.

I recently realized what it feels like to truly embrace challenges! I have also understood how much I can benefit from actively seeking challenge! Below are 3 main reasons why you should positively welcome and search for challenges:

1) You will accomplish yourself

Remember the last time you were telling someone about the skills you have developed through your life.. How did that feel? Good, right? It was certainly pride, self-achievement, satisfaction.

Life is the best teacher ever … If you think about these skills you may realize that you have grown most of them when facing a hard moment or challenge.

What if you were considering struggles or tough times as opportunities to add another string to your bow? Focus on the eventual pride and self-fulfilment you will feel.

2) You will maximize your learning

We develop a positive brain flow in situations that are 4% out of our comfort zone” – Steven Kotler

That means, you focus better and maximize your learning when 4% out of what you know and are used to do.

Putting yourself in new situations will set you in a learning mode: greater attention and brain response. You will learn much quickly in a challenging situation! Hence, you will save time as well as you maximize what you get from it.

3) You have plenty of opportunities on hand

If you pay attention, life is constantly challenging you but you may not recognize these as chances to grow. Opportunities are all around us, seize them! Do not be blinded by threats. Be grateful for any situation taking you slightly out of your comfort zone. Here are a few examples:

  • when someone can teach you a faster way to reach your goal;
  • when you are reluctant to do something because you feel you will be judged;
  • when unexpected issues arise at work

Any of these situations will contribute to your personal growth if you embrace them!

You know what to do now: consider challenges with a different perspective and see them as opportunities to accomplish yourself!

Do not let negative feelings and reactions fool you; take control of your mindset to enjoy these chances of growing.

With this approach, in 2, 5 or 10 years time you will be part of those looking backwards and feeling awesomely proud of the way you have gone through.

Thanks for reading this article, Alice.

Alice Avril, Self-Mastery Coach
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