Have you already wondered: “what did I do last week?” and spent a few seconds struggling to remember things you did one week ago?

As well, do you see the years passing and think “same – same, time is running too fast”?

That is something I hear all the time, and I was actually saying this too until I decided that I no longer wanted my years to be “same – same”. Hence, 2 years ago I decided that I will develop consciousness of my achievements. This has changed my perception of the time passing by! It has also empowered me to achieve even more goals!

“Daily incremental improvements produce lasting results which, in turn, lead to positive change” Robin S. Sharma

These tips apply to the mass of daily duties or tasks you may have. I will come soon with another article giving you tips for motivating yourself towards your long-term goals.

The rule behind this is: it does not matter if it is a small or big one, every single achievement matters! Be proud of all you get done in a day, a week or a month. By self-rewarding yourself for what you have done, you positively anchor daily memories and you encourage you to keep going.

1. Keep an Activity Diary or a To-Do Journal

Use a notebook or a calendar, that you carry out with you most of the time, to start your Activity list.

2. Write down any single duty you “have” to do or want to get done

Note every idea coming to your mind! Even if you think “I will remember this one” or “this looks silly to be noted”. Nothing is to be excluded, it can be big or small, a quick task, a recurring one … The more you note, the more your brain will realize all you do.

As well, I personally note down an idea as soon as I can because it relieves me from its pressure. I always ruminating things I should do to make sure I don’t forget them. When I note them in my list, I consciously take them off my mind and alleviate my daily thoughts as I know I will be reminded to do it anyway.

Examples of mines: Go to the post, Set time to draw, don’t forget the laundry, Print photos, do a green clay mask, vacuum car, call Mom, etc.

3. Agree with the goal of crossing at least 1 thing per day

Agree with yourself that you will sign up for crossing at least an item everyday! There will be days where you do 5+ items from your list and some quiet days. Hence, if you stick to the rule, you will quickly progress through your To-Do.

As I have in mind that I want to go in bed with the feeling that “I have achieved something today”, any time I don’t know what to do, I look at my list and arrange to do a simple task!

4. Check your Activity diary everyday and move on

Open your diary in the morning to read the undone tasks. When something is popping to your mind, write it down and read what you have on the list. When you have achieved something, cross it straight after or at the end of the day.

Crossing or highlighting the tasks you have done creates this mental picture of “checked”. Your brain visualizes this list of “achievements” and keeps in memory all the crossed item on the board. The following week, if someone asks you the question “What have you been doing these days?” – thoughts will be : “Wow I did so much!”

These are my personal tips to grow consciousness of all the things am doing. Days are rich in actions, tasks, accomplishments. Altogether these tiny bits form a significant whole of forward-move day after day.

What’s next? An article with tips to keep you on track to achieve your long-term goals!

Alice Avril, Self-Mastery Coach
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